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What is HBCU Realty?

HBCU Realty’s goal is to provide passive income earning opportunities while we work to rebuild and stabilize communities and neighborhoods surrounding our Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

What are the details?

We’re always looking for partners to work with us in revitalizing properties in cities with HBCUs. Specific property details (purchase price, rehab cost, timeline, etc.) will be provided on a per project basis.

What does my initial contribution get me?

Your contribution gets you a per-determined equity ownership stake in each project. This means your quarterly payout, after expenses, will be equal to that same percentage, of the rent revenue.

What are the benefits of this project?

The benefits of this project are far reaching for all those involved and we’ve listed some of them below.

Benefits To University

1. Revitalization of the community immediately surrounding.
2. Decreased dilapidated housing, street crime and general economic conditions.
3. Development and training opportunities for students.
4. Quality, affordable housing for students.

Benefits To You

1. Cash flow.
2. Tax Deductions And Lower Rates.
3. Appreciation of property you have an ownership in.
4. Asset Accumulation.
5. Control Over Your Investment.

Benefits To Local Economy

1. Employing community residents as contractors.
2. Participating in Social Change.
3. Helping with community development.
4. Ability to purchase goods & services from community businesses & residents.
5. Create communication and interdependence networks with community residents and businesses.
6. Quality, affordable housing for locals.

If you would like to become an equity-sharing partner with HBCU Realty and Housing Joint Venture, click the button below and we’ll get you started!

Become A Partner